Head Games is a blog about Actual-Play RPG podcasts. We do reviews of podcasts and individual episodes, interviews and essays about the practice and the fictional worlds.

For us, a role-playing game is an improvisational co-creation experience that incorporates randomness from the external world. Many people know the fantasy role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons, but there are literally hundreds of game systems available to play.

Most but not all game systems have:

  • A group of real-world players portraying fictional-world characters
  • A single gamemaster in charge of the fictional world and all the other people in it
  • Complicated rules
  • Funny-shaped dice

For us, an actual-play RPG podcast is one where we hear the game being played. We’re especially interested in long-form podcasts where the same party plays for many episodes or seasons. We like getting to know the characters and care about them. 

We exclude improvisational exercises without an element of chance. Ditto for RPG news podcasts, interview podcasts, or imitation actual-play (looking at you, Offices and Bosses). We know it when we see it and we like it when we hear it.

We accept article proposals by email at editor at headgames dot blog. Any other requests should go to info at headgames dot blog.